vrijdag 28 januari 2011

For the people in Egypt: Earth1.9

In the light of the uprising against dictators in Tunisia, Yemen and Egypt, I am now realizing the relevance of my own lyrics. So here's a repost of Earth 1.9.

The fires from last night r still burning in my brain
but at least we've chased the cops away
no more illusions left to defend for them

But now it's time to wake up
Baby won't u rise up
For tonight no more walls will stand

Those who were in charge now have lost their slaves
And their gods upon the tradefloors have no reason to stay
Your faith and color of skin r now irrelevant

No we won't be divided anymore
No me against u anymore
No need to obey this system anymore
No criminalizing and dehumanizing anymore

So take ur time and open ur mind
open ur heart
reclaim ur life

We fell through the curtain of time and space
me u our friends our foes we all r human race
we have the means to make things right and to follow
our heart and conscience and reboot again

Be free again, meet again, love again, play again, yea play again, even act as a child again

Welcome to Earth 1.9

Don't be afraid to dream, for there's no such thing as being unrealistic

There is only fear or love

Please support the people in Egypt. Steun de Egyptenaren op hun weg naar bevrijding. Click here.

2 opmerkingen:

Anoniem zei

Ik heb johnitomusic.blogspot.com gevonden via Google. Geweldig gemaakt! Ik hoop zelf ook zo een site te maken.
Wat heb je hiervoor gebruikt?

Henny uit Purmerend

Johnito zei

Hoi Henny, dank je voor het compliment! Gewoon een account bij blogger.com. En dan maar een beetje uitproberen :-)