vrijdag 28 oktober 2011

donderdag 13 oktober 2011

Ode to Occupy: I Am Here

This song is inspired by both my daughter and October 15th, the day of #globalchange. Act now to save the future for our children.

UPDATE: I didn't plan for it, but I was able to visit Occupy Maastricht after all.

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maandag 3 oktober 2011

Lost tapes: Imagine (with Instant Band)

I found an old recording from 2006: me singing "Imagine", accompanied by the Instant Band. It's recorded with a voicerecorder, so don't expect any hifi quality, though I tried to improve the sound somewhat. And for some reason somebody's talking through the music, I wasn't able to remove it. Enjoy it, though ;-)

zondag 17 juli 2011

Old World is Gone

Let's all go outside now, a new spring has come

bullits teargas and rocks can't ever block the sun

the old machine is burning out,

and our hearts are young,

prison walls will fall and

forever be gone

because our love is strong

We're done with all the lying

this is the awakening

and we won't stop uprising

Pimping religion as a convenient threat

Divide and conquer but we won't fall for that

no more

you're killing our friends and try

to shift the blame

But you can't hide the fact it's your

greed causing deaths

Your system is failing and there will

be change

And there is no stopping that

Banksters can't hold to tyrants no more

you've got to stop robbing the people in financial wars

The old world is gone and we're here to stay...

Download for free at Bandcamp . Also available until September 19th 20112 as "Goodbye Lulu"-bonustrack on CD.

woensdag 13 juli 2011

Update on new tracks

Just in case you were wondering why I haven't been (live)updating my blogs and social accounts for a while: here's an update.

First of all I've been on a holiday in Germany for a few weeks. And second of all, besides attending my dayjob and living an offline life, I am currently working on some new tracks:

-Old world is gone (inspired by The Arab Spring, the American Awakening and the European Revolution of 2011). I expect to release this one in the next seven days or so.

-Magic (this one will contain the lyrics I've used in the track with the same title, which I've recorded both live and in the studio, with Propeller. The original version (when it comes to both title and lyrics) dates back to 1997 though, when it was nothing more than a simple campfire-song. The new Magic will sound very different from the Propeller-version.)

I still got a few more in the works, but those will take some more time..And at least one of them will be in Dutch.

Since Nothing To Hide I've been exploring the possibilities of homerecording in Linux. Being an absolute beginner when it comes to recording music, I've experienced a lot of challenges in the process, but nevertheless I'm having a lot of fun with Linux Mint, Ubuntu and the audio-applications that come with these superior OS's.

Therefore my new tracks will absolutely be Linux-proof! No more Windows, no Mac, just freedom!

In the mean time: have you purchased my first homerecorded demo yet? Only available until September 19th, so make sure you don't miss the opportunity ;-)

(And in addition, I 'll use the revenue to get some webspace of my own, in order to host my future planned wordpress-blogs)

I'll keep you posted!

zaterdag 18 juni 2011

Final notice: CD available via Lulu.com until September 19th

Scroll down for English version

Wie hier wel eens gekeken heeft weet dat ik via
Lulu.com een eigen beheer-cd uitgeef.

Lulu.com is altijd een ideaal platform geweest voor onafhankelijke artiesten die hun produkten aan de man willen brengen: schrijvers, kunstenaars, videomakers, fotografen, muzikanten etc. Professionals, maar ook hobbyisten zoals ik. Van de mogelijkheden die Lulu.com aanbood heb ik dankbaar gebruik gemaakt om enkele van mijn eigen thuiscreaties aan te kunnen bieden.

Helaas moet ook Lulu.com soms keuzes maken, en heeft het bedrijf besloten om met ingang van 19 juli te stoppen met het aanbieden van audio-en videoproducties.

De reden is dat deze producten te weinig worden verkocht, en het, volgens eigen zeggen, daarom te bewerkelijk is om deze mogelijkheid in stand te houden.

Vanaf vandaag, 18 juni, bied ik daarom een korting van 10% aan als je de "Total Collapse: Earth 1.9" bestelt. Het aanbod is geldig tot en met 19 september 2011.


Support independent publishing: Buy this disc on Lulu.

Uiteraard blijven alle tracks, inclusief nieuwe tracks die er de komende maanden aankomen, via deze site gratis te beluisteren.

Downloaden kan ook eenvoudig:

-als diverse files via Bandcamp - bepaal zelf wat je betaalt!

-als mp3-files via Fair Trade Music - bepaal zelf wat je betaalt!

Heel veel dank voor jullie bijdrage, en tot de volgende keer!

If you've ever read this , you already know that I self-publish an audio cd via Lulu.com .

Lulu.com has been an ideal platform for amateur-musicians like me, but also for writers and other artists, to self-publish their work.

Unfortunately Lulu.com has decided to cancel the publishing feature for multimedia projects.

For this reason I'll provide you a 10% discount when you order my cd, before September 19th 2011.

Support independent publishing: Buy this disc on Lulu.

Of course it remains possible to play my streams for free .

Downloading is simple:

-various file-types via Bandcamp - pay what you want

- mp3-files via Fair Trade Music - pay what you want

Thanks in advance!

dinsdag 7 juni 2011

Earth 1.9 is a hit in the Activist Top 1000

Very sympathetic initiative by Ronald Blom, and I'm honoured to have a hit in a Top 1000 with a purpose like that.

Here's Earth 1.9 once again. Because it's time.

zondag 13 februari 2011

maandag 31 januari 2011

Johnito on Fair Trade Music

I am also on Fair Trade Music now.
Fairtrade-music's services allows artists whom do not want to sign with record labels to share their playlists and to receive donations directly from Internet users.(source)
Hope to meet you there :-)

Link: fairtrade-music.com/johnito

vrijdag 28 januari 2011

For the people in Egypt: Earth1.9

In the light of the uprising against dictators in Tunisia, Yemen and Egypt, I am now realizing the relevance of my own lyrics. So here's a repost of Earth 1.9.

The fires from last night r still burning in my brain
but at least we've chased the cops away
no more illusions left to defend for them

But now it's time to wake up
Baby won't u rise up
For tonight no more walls will stand

Those who were in charge now have lost their slaves
And their gods upon the tradefloors have no reason to stay
Your faith and color of skin r now irrelevant

No we won't be divided anymore
No me against u anymore
No need to obey this system anymore
No criminalizing and dehumanizing anymore

So take ur time and open ur mind
open ur heart
reclaim ur life

We fell through the curtain of time and space
me u our friends our foes we all r human race
we have the means to make things right and to follow
our heart and conscience and reboot again

Be free again, meet again, love again, play again, yea play again, even act as a child again

Welcome to Earth 1.9

Don't be afraid to dream, for there's no such thing as being unrealistic

There is only fear or love

Please support the people in Egypt. Steun de Egyptenaren op hun weg naar bevrijding. Click here.

woensdag 26 januari 2011

Blog updated

As you can see, I've been working to improve the navigation on this blog. Enjoy!

zondag 23 januari 2011

Artist Page on Facebook

I guess I can't escape it. So, until something better comes up, here's the official Johnito FB-page. And while you're at it, you might consider checking out Fair-Trade Music as well.

Thanks in advance for the (un)likes! ;-)

vrijdag 14 januari 2011

Lol met Linux: MP3 Nothing To Hide

Demo MP3: Nothing To Hide

Ben een beetje aan het experimenteren geweest, en heb dit gemaakt met de volgende software: ZynAddSubFX, Audacity , QTJack en Hydrogen geïnstalleerd in Linux Mint 10.

Daarnaast een extern midi-keyboard (Midistart-2), een headset en een vrije dag ;-)

Free MP3-download @ LastFM , Soundclick and IndieByChoice

WAV-download @ Bandcamp

Bonustrack op demo: CD Total Collapse: Earth 1.9

Nothing To Hide

Vind meer artiesten als Johnito op Myspace Music

I've made this with ZynAddSubFX, Audacity, QTJack and Hydrogen, installed in Linux Mint 10 , an external midi-keyboard (Midistart-2), a headset and a day off of my job ;-)

Free MP3-download @ LastFM , Soundclick and IndieByChoice

WAV-download @ Bandcamp

Bonustrack on CD Total Collapse: Earth 1.9