zondag 17 juli 2011

Old World is Gone

Let's all go outside now, a new spring has come

bullits teargas and rocks can't ever block the sun

the old machine is burning out,

and our hearts are young,

prison walls will fall and

forever be gone

because our love is strong

We're done with all the lying

this is the awakening

and we won't stop uprising

Pimping religion as a convenient threat

Divide and conquer but we won't fall for that

no more

you're killing our friends and try

to shift the blame

But you can't hide the fact it's your

greed causing deaths

Your system is failing and there will

be change

And there is no stopping that

Banksters can't hold to tyrants no more

you've got to stop robbing the people in financial wars

The old world is gone and we're here to stay...

Download for free at Bandcamp . Also available until September 19th 20112 as "Goodbye Lulu"-bonustrack on CD.

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